A school to learn all things crypto

About the School

The reason for starting The Crypto University is that we believe blockchain applications will change the way we interact with one another, in a way that the world has not seen before. As such, given the potential of this technology, we want to help people understand the potential, opportunities and limitations in this space.

Currently, one hears a lot about the dramatic rise of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. This is one aspect of the blockchain that has huge potential - but there is a whole lot more that can and will end up adding a lot of value to the world. The Crypto University will help you understand these opportunities from the ground up.

This School will teach you the basics of blockchain technology such that you are able to participate in a meaningful way as this market develops. Furthermore, you will learn the ins and outs of the cryptocurrency markets so that you are able to make the most of the innumerable investing opportunities available.

The world is changing, and fast! The Crypto University is how you can dive into this fascinating world and start participating in what we believe is currently the world’s biggest investing opportunity.

About the Creators

Ryan Chadha

Ryan Chadha has experience in trading commodities and advising some of the world's most well known pension funds. He once built a product to help his classmates at Cambridge University bet on P2P platforms, and has then gone on to trade biofuels at a time when an electronic exchange for biofuels had just been introduced in London.

He has a Masters in Finance from Cambridge University and has completed the CFA exams. He works in Education full time - and loves to introduce people to new ways of investing.

Rohith Salim

Rohith Salim has worked at companies such as Microsoft, Yelp, Rent The Runway, Oyster and Cuemath. Many of the products that he has helped build has been featured on publications such as Wall Street Journal and Forbes. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and an additional major in Human Computer Interaction.

He loves to teach people and help them become the best versions of themselves.